Embroidery prices are based on the quantity of garments you order as well as how many stitches are in your design.
Usually, the larger your design, the more costly to stitch. Number of thread colors is not an issue.

What Is Embroidery?
We take your logo and re-draw it in a format that is acceptable for the embroidery machines to read. There is a one-time charge for the creation of this file. It is called the Digitizing Charge. All designs need to be digitized (made into a stitch file, also known as a tape charge). There will be a disc set-up charge for all new logos. Any additional orders you place will not incur the digitizing charge. You will see a sample of the design before we embroider your garments.

PRICING Price is based on how many stitches are in the design and how many items you have with that design. The more stitches, the more costly. But the more garments you order at one time the price will go down.

ARTWORK For embroidery, just about any type of artwork is acceptable. Keep in mind that very small lettering will not be crisp and easily read. Our graphic designers will reproduce your
artwork at an hourly rate. Image files such as jpg, jpeg, or tiff can be used but will require our artist to redraw the image for an art charge. Gif images from the internet are the least easy to recreate because of their low resolution. An hourly artwork charge will be applicable for any image we have to re-create.

ARTWORK APPROVAL We will make every effort to make sure your design is exactly what you ask for. We will reproduce your logo on paper for you to approve. It is your responsibility at that time, to check for correct spelling, ink colors, and correct design format. You will be required to sign the artwork approval.