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Screen printing prices are based on quantity, shirt color, imprint location(s), and the number of print locations.

What Is Screen Printing? We take your logo and convert it into a format that is acceptable for the screen printing process. Each logo you would like to place on a garment is separated into colors. One screen is then created for each color of each logo. Charges for screen printing include both a Setup fee and a per piece screen printing charge.

GARMENT COLORS The color of garment is also important. Light colors are less expensive then dark colors, with white being the least expensive color.

LOCATIONS The number of print locations on a garment also increases the cost. A garment with a 2 location print will cost more then a garment with a 1 location print. Each ink color you add to your design will cost more to print. A 1 color, 1 location print on a white garment is the least expensive choice if price is an issue. The size of the design does not affect the price. A small chest design will cost the same to print as a large full front or back design.

ARTWORK Our preference is to have vector art (Adobe Illustrator or Coreldraw). The screen printing process requires vector artwork to be created and a screen made for each color in the design. Inks are then pressed through the screen in layers to create the exact likeness of the design on your garment. The printed item is then put through a dryer to completely cure the ink. The price is based on the number of colors in the design. The greater number of colors, the higher the price. The greater number of items being done at one time, the less the price. For screen printing, the better the artwork, the less work will be required to prepare it.

LOGO SIZES Generally, full front and back designs are usually sized between 10” – 12” in width, but will need to be sized to fit on your smallest garment size. Small left or right chest designs between 3 1/2” – 4” wide, small center chest designs approximately 6” wide. Please let us know in advance If you have other dimensions in mind.

GARMENT MATERIALS 100% cotton will usually shrink slightly (approximately 3-5%), depending on how it is washed and dried. 50/50 poly/cotton blends will usually shrink very little.